3rd ENHANCE Industrial Workshop, IIT (Sfax TN), May 2022

This industrial workshop was organized by IIT on May 25th, 2022 in Sfax (Tunisia). In this workshop, 60 industrial representatives, 46 teachers, 397 Students and 12 other participants were present. During this workshop, the following talks were given:

  • Dr. Achraf Ammar (IIT): Introduction to the ENHANCE project objectives,
  • Dr. Mohand Lounes Ben Taha (ULL): predictive maintenance, an application of industry 4.0. During this presentation, Dr. Ben taha presented the use case developed in T2.4 adressing the predictive maintenance.
  • Pr. Nejib Moalla (ULL): Quality Models design in industry 4.0. In this talk, Pr. Nejib Moalla presented the activity “Act 5.3 QC model design” (part of the task T2.4).
  • Sabeur Elkosantini (UCAR): Towards academic training at the service of companies in Tunisia and Morocco. In this presentation, Dr. Sabeur Elkosantini presented the gap analysis, a task that was conducted during the task T1.2, and the suggested training activities and use cases identified based on the gaps.