To improve the attractiveness for investment and to meet market requirements of competitivity, in terms of performance, quality, and sustainability, both Morocco and Tunisia need to support industrialization. Therefore, both countries have adopted sustained strategies to support industrial companies to modernize their hardware, software, and “humanware” infrastructures through embracing the industry 4.0 paradigm and technologies.

Coordinated by the University Lumière Lyon 2, the ENHANCE strENgtHening skills and training expertise for TunisiAN and MorocCan transition to industry 4.0 Era” project (2021-2024) is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union (619130-EPP-1-2020-1-FR-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP) and focuses on developing a knowledge transfer framework and mechanisms to address the following three main topics, which we refer to by MPQ4.0:

Topic 1: In Maintenance Engineering:

  1. Equipment Inspection, functional Diagnosis, and Data Acquisition
  2. Technologies for Equipment Re-manufacturing, Repair and re-Use
  3. Technologies for Equipment Refurbishment and Upgrading
  4. Technologies and models for Equipment Maintenance

Topic 2: In Production Engineering:

  1. Digital twin approach to improving machines lifecycle
  2. Digital Twin for Cyber-Physical System design
  3. Dynamic production planning
  4. Decision Support System for continuous production plans evaluation
  5. Data analytics for business intelligence and value creation out of production data

Topic 3: In Quality Engineering:

  1. Real-time (or near real-time) Quality control in manufacturing
  2. Tracking and traceability
  3. Non-conformity decision making

For more information, the project flyer is available for download here.

The ENHANCE Lifelong e-learning (LeL) platform is now open for the project partners to populate it and optimize the organisation of the developed training materials. The platform is available via this link.