ENHANCE Publications

Scientific Publications:

Pub6: ZAMIRI, Majid, SARRAIPA, Joao, MARCELINO-JESUS, Elsa, et al. Supporting Mass Collaborative Learning Communities Through Digital Innovation Hubs. In : 2023 24th International Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science (CSCS). IEEE, 2023. p. 363-370.

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Pub4: Elkosantini, S., Hajri-Gabouj, S., Darmoul, S., Kacem, R. B., Ammar, A., Elouadi, A., … & Sarraipa, J. (2023). Industrial needs v. Engineering education curricula related to maintenance, production and quality in industry 4.0: A gap analysis case study in Tunisia and Morocco. Industry and Higher Education, 09504222231153782.

Pub3: Artem A. Nazarenko, Majid Zamiri, Joao Sarraipa, Paulo Figueiras, Ricardo Jardim-Goncalves, Néjib Moalla (2023). Integration of AI Use Cases in Training to Support Industry 4.0. 2023 The 3rd International Conference on Big Data Engineering
and Education (BDEE 2023).

Pub2: Zamiri, M., Camarinha-Matos, L. M., & Sarraipa, J. (2022). Meta-Governance Framework to Guide the Establishment of Mass Collaborative Learning Communities. Computers11(1), 12.

Pub1: Zamiri, M., Ferreira, J., Sarraipa, J., Sassanelli, C., Gusmeroli, S., & Jardim-Goncalves, R. (2021, June). Towards a conceptual framework for developing sustainable digital innovation hubs. In 2021 IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/ITMC) (pp. 1-7). IEEE.