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MASTER in “Smart Industry and Digital Technology”

This master was created with the support of the Erasmus+ ENHANCE project. The proposed training activities are developed basing on the ENHANCE training materials.

Course Aims:

The aim of the course is to master the methods, tools and technologies for engineering, implementing, managing and improving production systems for goods or services in the context of Industry 4.0. – The aim of the course is to provide a theoretical and practical approach to the methods and tools that will enable students to carry out and develop research in a 4.0 company with highly complex virtual and real installations.

Career opportunities:

Graduates can work in all the major sectors: automotive, aeronautics, production of goods and services, logistics, transport, telecommunications, airports, railways, financial organisations, banking, insurance, consultancies, auditing firms, design offices, IT companies, government research departments, university research centres, etc. The positions targeted are generally in strategic management, as a consultant or production, logistics, quality or maintenance engineer.

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