Pilot 1: Maintenance Engineering

The set of activities related to the maintenance engineering pilot are summarised in the following table. These activities are developed between M10 and M30 and released to be presented during the four train the training sessions organised throughout the ENHANCE project.

Course / Use Case


Course 1: Advanced Maintenance strategies

Act 1.1 Use cases of eXtended Reality (XR) in Smart Maintenance 4.0 contexts

Act 1.2 Sensor Network Design in Smart Maintenance 4.0 contexts

Act 1.3 Failure Modes, Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA) in Smart Maintenance 4.0 context

Act 1.4 Contributions of Smart Maintenance 4.0 to Energy Management & Energy Efficiency of Industry 4.0 Assets

Act 1.5 Sustainability Driven Smart Maintenance 4.0

Course 2: Integrated maintenance planning

Act 2.1 Data-Driven Reliability for Smart Maintenance 4.0

Act 2.2 Maintenance planning and scheduling

Act 2.3 Contributions of Industry 4.0 technologies to Total Productive Maintenance

Act 2.4 Downtime forecast and optimal maintenance planning

Act 2.5 Industry 4.0 Asset & Maintenance Management Systems

Use case 1

Act U.1.1 Real-time communication

Act U.1.2 Data acquisition and storage in industry 4.0

Act U.1.3 ML and application for maintenance

Act U.1.4 KPI, Dashboarding and data visualisation