Pilot 2: Production Engineering

The set of activities related to the production engineering pilot are summarised in the following table. These activities are developed between M10 and M30 and released to be presented during the four train the training sessions organised throughout the ENHANCE project.

Course / Use Case


Course 3: Production, planning, scheduling and control in industry 4.0

Act 3.1 Design and development of smart Production Planning/Scheduling systems 

Act 3.2 Planning and scheduling techniques and approaches in industry 4.0

Act 3.3 Methods and frameworks for control systems in agile manufacturing

Act 3.4 Data-driven planning/scheduling models and algorithms

Act 3.5 Big data and predictive inventory analytics

Course 4: Factory 4.0: Concepts, techniques, and application

Act 4.1 PLM and Digital Factory

Act 4.2 VSM for production 4.0

Act 4.3 Virtual Reality for simulation

Act 4.4 KPI, Dashboarding and data visualisation

Use case 2

Act U.2.1 Emerging uses of smart technologies for production planning and scheduling

Act U.2.2 Horizontal and vertical integration & Workflow management

Act U.2.3 CPS design and development

Act U.2.4 Data-driven inventory management

Act U.2.5 Digital control systems (DCSs)