Specific objectives are also important for the achievement of ENHANCE. The fixed specific objectives in this context are:

  • Analyse the gap between acquired skills in HEIs and the required MPQ4.0 skills by industry of the future.
  • Develop a learning framework addressing MPQ4.0 skills (denoted LF-MPQ4.0).
  • Building partner HE staffs according to the LF-MPQ4.0 and using Train the Trainer Approach.
  • Develop innovative teaching materials using learner-centred learning methodology. These materials will include 5 courses and 3 case studies that will be produced for the three bachelor programs in industrial engineering of partner universities. Materials will be in English and French.
  • Create a Lifelong e-learning (LeL) platform for practitioners.
  • Create 2 Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) in each PC.
  • Define a quality assurance plan for the learning programs based on quality audits to ensure the sustainability.
  • Develop a successful exploitation and dissemination strategy.