ENHANCE dissemination activities

During the lifetime of the ENHANCE project, the list of dissemination activities are summarized as following:

Dissemination Event

Presented content


Erasmus Morocco Cluster meeting of the new CBHE projects selected in 2020, October 11th, 2021 (online)

Presentation of the ENHANCE EPLUS project

online event

Seminar for presenting the new master in industry 4.0, October 2021 (IIT, Sfax -TN)

Presentation of the ENHANCE project and an overview about the course “predictive maintenance”

Transferable research and Laboratory outcome, April 27-29, 2022 (UNL, Lisbon-PT) -> event flyer

ENHANCE project presentation, DIH Sustainability; gap analysis

Representatives from around 20 EU projects

Seminar “Industrie 4.0, une réalité qui s’impose » May 25th, 2022 (IIT, Sfax -TN) -> event announcement

- Achraf Ammar (IIT) : Introduction to the ENHANCE project objectives,

- Mohand Lounes Ben Taha (ULL): Maintenance prédictive et industrie 4.0 par l’exemple,

- Nejib Moalla (ULL): Quality Models design in industry 4.0,

- Sabeur Elkosantini (UCAR): Vers une formation académique au service des entreprises en Tunisie et au Maroc

- 60 industrial representatives,

- 46 teachers,

- 397 Students,

- 12 other participants