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The FIWARE Foundation is the legal independent body providing shared resources to help achieving the FIWARE

Smart Connectivity network of Digital Innovation Hubs


Alliance for Internet of things Innovation

AI IOT was initiated by the European Commission in 2015 to strengthen the dialogue and interaction among IoT players in Europe, to contribute to the creation of a dynamic European IoT ecosystem and to speed up the take-up of IoT. Our members; include key European IoT players – large companies, successful SMEs and dynamic startups – as well as research centres, universities, associations.

Full competences map

Mission and specificities

Main approved competences & skills

  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Defined in Digital twin approaches,
    • Implemented under CPS perspective
    • Based on IoT and big data,
    • Experimented in smart manufacturing, healthcare, smart agriculture, etc.
  • Advanced digital skills
    • Concerning information system agility,
    • Dedicated to products and services development,
    • Covering a lifecycle perspective,
    • Experimented with IT partners.
  • Continuous learning
    • Distinguished in cooperative education and training,
    • Focusing on long-life training,
    • Experimented in capacity building.
  • System reliability
    • Targeting system traceability, risk management, environmental impact assessment
    • Experimented in smart manufacturing.

Example of projects related to MPQ 4.0

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